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General FAQs

1.Who is an Obstetrician?

An obstetrician is a specialist with expert capabilities in conveying infants and giving clinical assistance to women during pregnancy (antenatal) and after the birth (post pregnancy care). Obstetricians expertise in overseeing high-risk pregnancies and child births, and can perform caesareans. Many have additionally prepared in reproductive well-being of women (gynecology).

2.How to get choose the right obstetrician for you?

In the event that you decide to conceive in a clinic, you will need an obstetrician, you don't generally will pick your own obstetrician.

Some trained specialists (GPs) with expertise in obstetrics can help you deliver your baby in case there are no complexities. But if there are risks involved with your delivery, you might want to visit a specialised hospital that appoints an obstetrician.

Dr Tanveer Aujla is a trained Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Noida. She can be visited at her facility in Noida Sector-48. Dr. Tanveer is specialized in offering critical and high-risk obstetrical care, normal delivery, instrumental vaginal delivery, and lower segment cesarean section.

3.Role of an obstetrician in pregnancy.

In case you're planning to get your antenatal care at a medical facility, you will see an obstetrician just when you need to. Women with complex pregnancies might see their obstetrician all the more frequently.

If you have consulted with a private obstetrician in Noida, she will do your antenatal check-ups.

The obstetrician will typically:
Analyse your child's development and position
Conduct routine tests and checks
Assist you with birth and labour planning

4.Role of an obstetrician during labour and birth.

An obstetrician specialises in assessing high risk pregnany or last moment emergencies.

Dr. Tanveer Aujla is well recognized for her caring approach towards her patients. She has successfully pursued various challenging and complicated gynaecologic and obstetric cases in Noida. She encourages labour analgesia methods (epidural analgesia) for the easy and comfortable birthing experience. She is adept and well experienced in conducting various major and minor laparoscopic and open gynaecological surgeries.

5.Role of an obstetrician after the birth.

An obstetrician will keep a check on your health before you leave their facility

Dr Tanveer Aujla suggests booking an appointment with her at Noida, for an examination at about a month and a half after the birth.

Being an expert Obstetrician in Noida, Dr Tanveer Aujla strongly believes in hand-holding her patients throughout the pregnancy procedure and even after they have delivered.


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